How To Spot A Fake Influencer

Fake influencers and bots have taken over social media. The competition to gain followers and participate in brand deals a grown to the point that buying followers is quite commonplace. Unfortunately, these people who buy followers will never deliver the same results as a genuine influencer so stay on your toes and follow these three

How to Apologize After Saying The Wrong Thing On Social Media

This photo didn’t seem like a big deal to most people. But within 30 minutes of posting, this photo garnered over one-thousand comments pointing out that her caption was in bad taste. Why? Because it’s a lyric from a Whitney Houston song, and Whitney Houston drowned in her bathtub after suffering from a heart attack.

Pinterest May Be Becoming Brand Friendly

Pinterest was the hip new thing about five years ago, people used it to create vision boards and as a way to easily categorize and view things that inspire you, whether that be trendy outfits, quotes, architecture or home décor, Pinterest had it all. However, in recent years the website failed to keep up with

Rakin’ It In Wrap-Up: Episode 11 Victoria Duffield

Another week another wrap-up. This week Rachel David and Victoria Duffield met up in Rachel’s apartment to chat an laugh about switching from traditional media such as radio and TV to digital media like YouTube and iTunes. Victoria Duffield is a singer-songwriter known for her hit “Shut Up And Dance” and her brand new song

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your SEO

If SEO is a game then Google is the leaderboard. The better you are, the higher you appear until you end up at the very top. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and what all those fancy words mean is that it is the practice of improving your website until it is highly searchable and

How To Grow Your Facebook Page

Of all the social networks to grow your following on, Facebook is the most confusing. The reality is that most people do not follow businesses on Facebook or engage with corporate content. But there are a few hacks to raise your engagements and grow your Facebook following. Below are five tips to help you run