How To Grow Your Facebook Page

How To Grow Your Facebook Page

Of all the social networks to grow your following on, Facebook is the most confusing. The reality is that most people do not follow businesses on Facebook or engage with corporate content. But there are a few hacks to raise your engagements and grow your Facebook following. Below are five tips to help you run your Facebook business page.

 1. Target your audience

This might seem obvious, you want to create content of interest to your audience. But I mean that you should really target your audience. Use analytics to find out as much information about your audience as possible and then post in accordance with that. Specifically, time and length. If most of the people who like your page are in high school you shouldn’t be posting during school hours, and if your target audience is working professionals you shouldn’t make content that takes too long to read.

2. Use stories

Facebook stories are an underutilized platform. Everyone is using Snapchat and Instagram stories but so many businesses choose to stop when it comes to Facebook. But it’s set up right at the top of the app, that is prime real estate. Plus, with so many businesses overlooking this feature you’ll be one of the few that is bright in vivid colour, just ready to be watched. The best part of this is if you’re already making content for Instagram it’s barely any extra work to post to Facebook as well.

3. Collaborate

Many people think to collaborate on streaming platforms like YouTube, but you should be collaborating on all platforms. Mention other companies and creators in your stories and tag them in your posts. Ask your friends to mention you in their posts and share your audiences to grow instead of waiting for it to happen organically.

 4. Be Broad

Most businesses use Facebook to show their followers new promotions and other things directly related to the business. This is the wrong way get people to interact with what you’re posting. Instead, mix things that you want your audience to see with things that they do want to see. For example, if you’re a comedy author you can promote your newest book but make sure to include other things within that realm. Recommend other funny books, post quotes that make you laugh and shout-out other comedians you enjoy. Keep your content related to your overall genre but make it broad enough that your content isn’t repetitive.

5. Call to Action

Always include a call to action in your posts. Pose a question, tell them to tag a friend, or encourage your audience to like your post. It doesn’t matter what it is, just give your audience an easy way to interact with your content. Reminding them that leaving a like actually means something makes it much more likely that they will take the time to leave that like. Polls are the easiest way to get audiences to interact with your content so why not set one up and have them vote on what they want to see next?

As always, I want to know your opinions on everything written above. How do you get audiences to interact with your Facebook page and did any of my tips help you out? Let me know in the comments below or on social media.

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