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5 Apps to Make Beautiful Instagram Stories!

5 Apps to Make Beautiful Instagram Stories!

Hi friends!

In one of my previous newsletters I discussed some great tips for growing your business with Instagram and so many of you shared success stories with me! I’m so glad these tips worked for you. They’re simple, but it takes time to implement and when you do you get results!

We briefly touched on why Instagram Stories are important, but this time I want dive in a little deeper and share with you five apps that will help elevate your content to keep your followers engaged and set you and your business apart!

Best of all these apps do all the heavy lifting for you so you my friend do not need a degree in graphic design!

Sooooo lets start!

#1. MoShow
Create slideshows with music

MoShow allows you to create fun slideshows with music for your Instagram feed and stories! This is such a simple way to make your story’s more interesting and like you put a lot of effort into them without spending too much time creating them. There’s no way to show how cool this app is with a single photo, you gotta check this post out for an example!

#2. Story Art
Take your stories to the next level

This app has a lot of different options for you to choose from and it’s great for collages and just sharing your photos in a way that makes them stand out more. They also have templates for Q&A’s that people can screenshot and share on their stories and fill out.

I would definitely check out their Instagram highlights on their account for more inspiration!

#3. Mojo
The best app for animated Instagram stories.

This app is great for making animated/video Instagram Stories. They have so many different templates to choose from that are free, but you can also upgrade to the pro version to get more. it has different themes such as minimal, photography, fashion, sports etc.

Check out this post to see a better visual of what their app can do! And browse their Instagram for even more examples!

#4 Prequel
Make trendy videos

Prequel has trendy effects such as Grain, Cinema, VHS and retro and it’s a nice overlay to add to your videos to make them stand out. You’re also able to add music from their selection or your own library. There is a watermark on this for the free versions and pro version of this app is a little pricey ($6.49 a week!), but if you use Instagram stories often and find they work best for you, it might be worth it for you to download them.

It’s hard to show how great these can be with a photo. Here’s their Instagram account so you can see them in action!

#5 Canva
Making graphic design easy!

Canva is a super popular app! It has so many templates for a multitude of needs, but they now have Instagram story templates and highlight templates and it’s super user friendly making them customizable and downloading them right from the app and uploading when you want. They’ve also just recently released animated content for your social media! On top of using Canva for your stories, you can use their Instagram template to design anything you want to post in your feed.

I would recommend playing around with these apps and seeing what works best for you and what you like. It’s hard to say which ones are better than others because ultimately, you’re the one editing and creating them so find what works for you and start building from there.

Happy creating!

– R

Feb 02, 2020
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