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Basic Equipment For Live Streaming

Basic Equipment For Live Streaming

Live streaming takes a lot of prep, but it also takes the proper equipment to start. There are different ways to live stream: on a PC/ laptop, a console like a PS5 or your mobile phone.


To get you started, here’s a list of basic equipment for live streaming that you should think about when starting out. For all of the different ways to stream, you’ll want to think of these main things as the “basics”:


Good Lighting

If you don’t want to use a webcam or camera right away, that’s okay. If you are using one of them, use a ring light or a lamp or two that will give enough light to your scene. Those who are watching you will want to be able to see you easily which helps them make a connection with your stream.


A Visual Source

These are the basics so you don’t need to start out with a DSLR camera unless you have one you want to use already. Webcams are great and some come with perks. They can have a privacy flap that can be closed when you aren’t using the webcam and some come with a light built into them which can help with your lighting slightly, but don’t rely solely on it as a light source.


An Audio Source

This is crucial! Live streams are heavily dependant on audio and visual aspects. You can, of course, stream without a webcam or camera, but having an audio source like a headset or a microphone is key in interacting with your audience. If you’re on PC, you can switch your audio settings around under “Settings, Devices, Sound Settings”. You’ll be able to choose what you’d like as your input and output devices if you have multiple devices/ sources.


If You’re Streaming On A Console

Streaming on a console, the equipment is the same (good lighting, visual and audio sources). You can stream right from your console without any extra components. Remember to link your account on your console to the streaming site you’ve chosen and play around with the settings before your stream.


If You’re Streaming From Your Phone

The difference with your phone is that it is the visual device. You can link up wireless earbuds to make it easier to hear others if you’ve invited them into your stream. You’ll still want a good light source so your audience can see you. Also consider a tripod if you’ll be stationary. 

These are the basics for starting out with live streaming, whether it’s on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram or Facebook.

Try to get comfortable with your equipment beforehand and remember: anytime you add a new piece of equipment or new device, TEST IT OUT BEFORE YOU STREAM!

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Oct 05, 2021
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