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Creating Your Brand For Content Creators: Starting Out

Creating Your Brand For Content Creators: Starting Out

Once you’ve thought about the basics of your brand building, start to take a deeper look into what your brand’s focus is.

When you think of what your brand’s focus will be, think of the subcategories too. There’s a lot of diversity within each topic and finding your niche, your part within that category that you want to put your energy and focus into, is the next step in creating your brand.


What will your primary interests will be and what kind of content will you create?

Here’s some examples:



When you think of food, what comes to mind? Nutrition, preparation, presentation, skill and technique. There are a lot of subcategories for cooking you can choose from. Maybe you enjoy teaching others how to cook?



Games can be video games, esports, esports commentary, coaching, contenders, casual playthroughs, retro. There are a lot of niche subcategories you can dive into with games.



Music is versatile with so many different instruments, singing, mixing, song writing. Do you like collaborating with other artists? Do you like creating covers of songs? Whichever you like to do, music is incredibly versatile with so many opportunities.

If you already know your focus, that’s great! Try to expand on it and think of other things about your content that suits your personality. Do you really enjoy retro games? Are you skilled at making certain dishes? Have you made your own song before? Each of these subcategories have even smaller categories within them, but try to choose things that suit who you are, your interests, your hobbies and let your audience know about them!

Save your ideas, write them down. Once you have your social media accounts set up, you’ll have a good list of things to post to help you gain traction!

Sep 21, 2021
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