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Creating Your Brand For Content Creators

Creating Your Brand For Content Creators

As social media and live streaming are so prevalent right now and having an online presence is unavoidable, creating your brand strategically is a crucial part of being a content creator.


These are the first steps for you to take, and to take a look at, when creating your brand:


What’s Your Focus?

Choose what you’d like to focus on. It can be lifestyle, video games, music, art or something else; what’s going to be your main focus? This will start to help you narrow down who your main audience will be, what content you’ll be creating, what your goals will be and what part of your personality you’ll be showing to others.


Choose Your Tone

The way you say things online represent a part of who you are to your audience on social media. Are you using happy and lighthearted words? What’s your grammar like? These things contribute towards your tone and how your audience perceives you.


Expressing Yourself

The next step is choosing the platform(s) you’ll focus your energy on. Will you be exclusive to social media? What about live streaming? Will you want to build your brand using multiple social media platforms? Each platform has different audience reach and has a different way of interacting. If you post something on Instagram, you might want to post it on Twitter as well. Remember, when you choose which social media platform(s) you want to focus on, not everyone has Instagram and not everyone has Twitter. Choosing who you want to interact with will also help you choose how you interact with them, meaning what platform(s) you choose.


Build Your Account

Follow other accounts that have the same interests as you right away. This means both large and small accounts. Don’t forget to comment and interact with others on posts. This shows that you’re out there and that your social media page exists. It’s also important to post frequently on your page when you start. This will give potential followers a snapshot of who you are and it will give them more incentive to follow you.


These are just the first steps in creating your brand. Think of it as the start of a blueprint; you’re mapping out the structure. Once you’ve completed the first step, you’ll be more comfortable moving onto the next. It will feel like a natural progression and you’ll start to hone it as you progress!

Sep 07, 2021
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