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Criticized for Speaking Up About BLM

Criticized for Speaking Up About BLM

About a week ago, when I posted about BLM on LinkedIn someone responded saying “What does this have to do with business? Go post this on a different platform”

Today, I will answer that question HEAD ON.

When I first started my company I was told “do not get involved with politics”. I know this is something many executives are told… That being said, that line has been crossed, and that piece of “advice” is no longer relevant… I cannot stay silent during this movement.

“I acknowledge my white privilege and instead of allowing it to put a muzzle on me, I will use it to speak up for what is right and what is wrong.” – Perrie Edwards

Businesses: You cannot simply “wait for all of this to blow over” your silence is compliance.

After watching this video, if you agree with my sentiments, please share so those that need to hear it become more aware.

Listed below are links to donate to Black-Owned Businesses:

Masterlist for Black Lives Matter Petitions/Fundraisers/Resources:

Black Business Minnesota Fundraiser:

Bay Area Black Owned Business Relief Fund:

Stay safe, be kind to one another.

Rachel David

Jun 26, 2020
Categories: Rachel Real Talk
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