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Finding Inspiration For Instagram Posts

Finding Inspiration For Instagram Posts

Having a social media account can be fun and inspiring but sometimes you might hit a roadblock for inspiration for your next post. Finding inspiration for Instagram and social media posts can be difficult sometimes, but here are some helpful tips:


Look At Your Past Posts

Check your past social media posts and see what did well. If you see something you posted that had a lot of follower interaction and likes or a post that helped gain you new followers, try to post something similar again using hashtags that are similar and relevant. It shouldn’t be a copy of the previous post, but something with the same idea.


Clear Your Mind

It sounds cliché, but it really can work. Work on something else, anything else; clean, do something relaxing, spend time with your pet. Pushing your mind too hard for an idea can create more roadblocks and work against you. Refreshing your thoughts and mindset opens your mind up to new ideas.


Think About What Makes You Happy

Things that make you happy are great to post about. It’s great for social media because it lifts others up and it shows your followers more about you but it’s really a great reflection for you as well. Posting something that really makes you happy like animals, a task you’ve accomplished or a quote that has helped you can be a huge motivator for yourself in that moment too and for others.

Finding inspiration for Instagram posts, and social media in general, can be difficult sometimes and we’ve all been there. Take inspiration from the things around you, whether you’re in your home or outside. Look at what you have beside you. Does a particular item have a nice memory to go along with it that makes you happy? Inspiration is everywhere, but sometimes you need to clear your mind in order to see it.

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Oct 19, 2021
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