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Growing Your Instagram Engagement: 3 Key Tips

Growing Your Instagram Engagement: 3 Key Tips

We all know the power of a successful Instagram page. What does it really take to create a strong online brand? Content creation is your foundation, but community engagement is what sets you apart from your competition. Developing genuine relationships with others in your niche and interacting with your audience will give you the most value out of your profile. 

It’s never too late to elevate your social media presence on Instagram, so here are three tips to improve your Instagram engagement!


Conversation Starters 

There are many ways to prompt a conversation and build connections with your target audience. Utilizing the instagram polls feature on your stories will allow viewers to easily share their thoughts with you! To take it a step further, you can reply to these poll interactions and chat with your active followers. Another simple but effective method to increase engagement is including questions at the end of your captions whenever you release a new post. This makes opportunities for your audience to comment and build a connection with you and your brand. It’s vital that your audience is not only engaged, but also feel like they’re being heard by you.


Community Building In Your Niche

Your brand shows your purpose and the value you have to offer. By understanding your niche, you’ll be able to find ways to connect with others in your community. Here’s an example: If you were a sustainable clothing company, it would be great for you to connect with other eco-conscious brands. An effective strategy to support one another is through the use of community group chats. These are a great space to share thoughts and engage consistently with each other’s interests. For a more personal approach, direct messages (DMs) are the way to go! This can be done by sending a compliment or asking a specific question based on something you’re curious about. Make sure to always introduce yourself and thank others for their time!


Appeal To The Algorithm 

The algorithm is impossible to avoid when it comes to looking for effective engagement techniques! Utilizing tricks that the algorithm responds well to will allow your brand to grow immensely. Although hashtags are an easy method that will help increase attention to your page, there are specific strategies that can be used to enhance the success of your hashtag use! A great strategy is to categorize your hashtags ranging from least to most popular, in order to ensure variety. Mixing hashtags that have both smaller and greater amounts of posts associated with them will give you an advantage. Each have their pros and cons, but showing your audience your versatility and relevance by using the right hashtags can change your game. The next time you post, make sure to be strategic with your hashtags and also add a location to bring extra attention to your page!  

With these tips in mind, you are all set to improve your Instagram engagement! For more tips on Instagram for your business, click here! To learn more about marketing your company, see more tips here.

Jun 14, 2021
Categories: Marketing Your Company
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