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Growing Your Live Streaming Platform

Growing Your Live Streaming Platform

By now, almost everyone has heard of live streaming; going live and showing your talents and skills in front of a camera. But how are you able to start growing your live streaming platform? How can you gain more fans, followers and audience base?


Live streaming takes prepping, planning, time and energy, so make sure you make the most of your time with your online content!


Integrating yourself in a community gets your name out there in the universe. Showing others that you exist outside of your platform will help you gain more attention and draw people into your content. Relying on your live streaming platform alone won’t be enough.

Joining a community chat like a Discord server can help your growth immensely. Chances are there are others who’re willing to help you! Not only are you connecting with others who see you from an audience standpoint and getting their opinions, but you’re also growing your brand by putting your name out there. Usually there are communities who are willing to help and welcome you!

If you don’t have a Twitter or Instagram account but you stream, now’s the time to make one or both of those accounts. If you have them but don’t use them much, take some time to rebrand them to match your live streaming content. Connecting with your audience outside of streaming and giving them more content when you aren’t live helps them connect with you and keeps you on their mind. Your followers who really like your content will be happy to follow along and see what you do outside of live streaming.

You are your brand and others want to see that, so try to build up your socials as much as you can without getting burnt out. Make sure you create a social media schedule and keep your fans up to date! Use hashtags like “smallcontentcreator”, “streamer”, “smallstreamer” and so on with your posts because there are accounts that will share content creator’s tweets or like posts to help you out as well!

Jul 12, 2021
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