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How to Turn Your Social Media Posts Into Dollars

How to Turn Your Social Media Posts Into Dollars

Hello my friend!

Recently, I did a talk with my friends at Dent Global (“One of the top business growth accelerators in the world” named by Entrepreneur) and I really believe the information I shared there will be beneficial for you.

I made sure to get it video recorded so you can sit back and soak in the information.

To watch it click here:

However, it IS about 20 minutes long so I decided to break down some of the important information.

  1. I had ZERO financial backing when I started my business 4 years ago.
  2. I have spent ZERO dollars on marketing.
  3. I have generated over a million dollars in sales.

That’s crazy right?

Well one thing I did have is social media, and I did understand the importance of building an online profile.

Five years ago I started by making videos on YouTube with influential friends that I had met in the industry. And eventually I received emails from friends at ad agencies asking me how I knew these people and if I could help get them to work on a campaign. I wasn’t sure how it would work, but I decided to just go for it. Next thing I knew – I was an expert at influencer marketing!

Eventually I realized I liked running a business MORE than being in front of the camera, but I knew I still had to create content as it would be important when it came to generating leads.

So, I kept creating videos that related to my work for YouTube and then I added content to LinkedIn and soon I started making valuable connections that turned into dollars. See here:

I started posting content on LinkedIn maybe 6 or 7 months ago and my following has grown immensely. I have 6 videos on there that have over half a million views. But thank goodness I built the company’s infrastructure before happened so the exposure wasn’t wasted.

So, today I encourage you to focus on building your business the best it can be and start the beginning stages of building a profile. That way when you eventually do see a massive video go viral you are ready and the video has a strong call to action that ties into your business.

It’s all about making content and having a PURPOSE. Once you have the eyeballs you just have to figure out how to maneuver it all.

If you have any questions about creating content, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! To those of you who are looking for hands on help I actually have created a division of my business ( that has consultants to help you grow your online profile, so if this is something you ACTUALLY want to structure and take seriously I’m happy to set up a call!

Until next time,

Be kind, work hard and spread happy vibes!


Feb 02, 2020
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