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How To Work From Home

How To Work From Home

Working from home comes with a lot of perks; you’re in control! You can work on projects you’re passionate about and have more time to get done what you need to. You get to choose where you want to work in your home (or outside of it) and your work hours are more flexible.

With all of this freedom, it can be challenging to stay focused, especially in the work-from-home environment. When you’re working at home, the line of having a structure of work/home balance is essentially blurred and it’s completely normal to go through ups and downs. To help you find a balance between work and home life, here are some tips: 


Create A Space For You 

With most of us continuing to work virtually through the pandemic, it’s important to have a designated space to work at home. Having one room or area set up just for work can help put you in the right mindset when you’re in that space. To help you with decorating your work space with the right colours, there’s more info here!  The best part is on your days off, you can completely avoid that space and leave your work there.



Make A Schedule 

Plan out your day, week and month. Having a weekly and monthly calendar can be very helpful for you to visualize what you have going on and how to plan your time accordingly. Utilize your phone or computer’s calendar and set reminders on your phone to go off the day before an important event. Lise Cartwright from Hustle and Groove suggests using calendar apps like Google Calendar which can prove helpful since it gives notifications on your phone. It will also help make scheduling team meetings more efficient as it shows everyone’s availability as well.



 Reflect On Your Day 

At the end of each day, take some time to see what you’ve achieved throughout the day and enjoy the feeling. Maybe your boss said you did great work or your coworker complimented you. No matter how big or small it was, a win is a win and focusing on what you did well, rather than what you didn’t, can help boost your mood and help you relax. Remember that it’s okay if you have an off-day, week and sometimes even a month. There will be times when you’re not feeling as productive or like you haven’t achieved anything but sometimes just completing your work is a win and that’s okay.


 Don’t Work On Your Days Off

 This can be extremely difficult but incredibly important. Days off are your relax and reset days. If you have work that’s due the day after your day off, try to get it done beforehand so you won’t be thinking about it when you should be relaxing. Take some time, scroll through your social media accounts and social media platforms and try not to think about work at all. Days off are sacred and you deserve them.

Hopefully with these tips, the line between work and home life will be a little more visible and you won’t feel burnt out even on your days off.

Jun 21, 2021
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