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Instagram On The Computer

Instagram On The Computer

Social media giant Instagram has recently made a huge improvement to their website; allowing users to post to their account on a computer.

Now, instead of trying to navigate your way around trying to get the media on your computer to your Instagram account, it will only take you a few clicks and a good caption!


What does this mean for content creators? Everything just got more versatile.


Influencers, graphic designers, brands and everyday users of the social media platform will benefit from the newest update. Instead of transferring media over to a phone or using third-party extensions, Instagram has made it’s user experience a lot better. For those who use a DSLR camera, this is a step forward that will take away any extra steps involved.

How can you post to your account on the computer? It’s very easy! When signed in, at the top right of your account, click the + (plus) button. Choose a piece of media to upload, add a caption and some hashtags and the post is ready! Filters that change the colour of your media can also be used the same as the app, though the full selection isn’t available.

This was a brilliant next step for Instagram and something users have been looking forward to. Though Instagram makes consistent, user-friendly changes to their app and webpage, having their social media website’s usability on par with the app is exciting and great natural progression. It’ll be interesting to see if they develop this function further or stick with what they know works.

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Oct 26, 2021
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