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Live Prep: Instagram Live Checklist

Live Prep: Instagram Live Checklist

Going live is fairly easy, but there are a lot of problems you can run into as soon as you hit the “Go Live” button on your Instagram.


To help you prepare for your Instagram live broadcast, here’s a check list of what to do beforehand:


1. Write down some topics you want to go through while you’re live.

If you have shoutouts you want to give, anything celebratory or topics you want to cover, a note will help you keep track of what you want to say. It can also give you things to talk about so there isn’t silence for an extended time.


2. Let your audience know when you’ll be going live!

This gives your audience time to tell others, share it or set a reminder so that they can tune in when you’re live.


3. Secure your phone or device for the live.

Do you have a tripod or a sturdy place to keep it so it doesn’t fall while you’re streaming? It’s important to make sure your device is secure and at the angle you want it at before you go live so your audience doesn’t see your screen shaking while you put it in place.




4. Check your lighting and the setting you’ll be in.

Lighting can make or break a live. If your environment isn’t well lit, your audience could lose interest quickly. Your background also adds to the appeal of the live so make sure it’s not cluttered and that you have everything you need within your reach.


5. Turn off your device’s notifications, this is VERY important!

When your device receives a sound or vibrating notification, your audience will hear it. The vibration notification sound is loud and terrible during the live so check that it’s turned off!


6. The last and one of the most crucial items on the list is to make sure your device is POWERED UP.

The last thing you want is for your device to turn off during your live. Plug it in beforehand, or during, if it needs it!

With this checklist, you’ll be better prepped for your live.

Good luck!

Jul 19, 2021
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