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Live Prep: Twitch Checklist

Live Prep: Twitch Checklist

Live streaming on Twitch can be a lot of fun and being over prepared is never a bad thing. Audio issues can put a HUGE damper on your stream, especially if you’re starting out or if you have a long stream ahead of you. Even if it’s worked before, it might now work now. 


To help you prepare for your Twitch live stream, here’s a checklist that will definitely help:


1. Always Check Your Audio!

If you’ve introduced a new audio source to your stream manager, TEST IT BEFORE YOU GO LIVE. A new audio source can be a new microphone, a capture card or a headset. If you want to put your audio to the test, you can go to your stream manager and click the record button. This will capture all available audio and visual sources available at the time and give you a better idea of what your stream will sound and look like to your audience. Remember to test your audio. Always.



2. Let Your Audience Know You’re Going Live.

This is very essential. A couple of minutes before you go live on Twitch, Tweet out or add a story to your Instagram that you’ll be going live. Remember to tell your audience where they can find the link to you channel (ex. Link is in my bio), at what time (ex. In about 5 minutes at 5 p.m.) and don’t forget to add the timezone! 

On Twitter, it’s best to add hashtags like #smallcontentcreator #smallstreamer #twitchaffiliate (if you’re affiliated) #twitchstreamer. This will give you outreach without having to reach out to others. This will also help get your channel views up and even gain you new followers!


3. Follows, Subs And Tips.

Look at your stream manager before you go on. If someone new has followed, subscribed or given you a tip, make sure you thank them at the start of your stream. Let them know you’re thankful for supporting your community!


4. Added New Commands? Test Them Out!

Adding new commands is a great way to keep your audience engaged, make them feel welcome and to have some fun. If you’ve added a new command like the shoutout one, you can test it on your own channel. On your profile page on Twitch, go to “Chat” and then test out the command with the help of a friend or mod.



5. Change Your Stream Title.

Save yourself some time by changing your stream title 10 minutes or so before you go live. You can do this by going to your stream manager and changing it there.


Live streaming should be fun and hopefully with this checklist, you’ll be able to make the most out of your Twitch live stream.

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Aug 24, 2021
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