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New CONTROVERSIAL Marketing Tactic

New CONTROVERSIAL Marketing Tactic

Hi <>,

Welcome to the wild world of marketing in 2019!

Let’s talk about the latest marketing tactic that experts around the globe are starting to use… TEXTING.

If you were to scroll through your text messages right now, would you have any marketing messages? Perhaps a text about a sale or at a store or a discount code from providing your phone number? I know I do.

This is the next stage in marketing and many of us didn’t see it coming.

Marketers are now using text messaging as a way to get their message out and build their engagement. Gary Vaynerchuk recently posted a video about SMS marketing and how he’s gotten 90% engagement rate and 98% open rate.

Gary has been promoting an app called Community which is currently only available in America that you can take a look into and I also found a website called EZTexting if any of you are interested in tackling SMS marketing for your business!

Because this is highly controversial, I wanted to share some pros and cons with you guys and see where you stand on it.

SMS has a global reach and 90% of people open a text within three minutes of reading it.
It’s the fastest way to get your message DIRECTLY to consumers.
There is a 45% response rate for SMS messages.

FunMobility has recorded a click-through rate of 36% after moving to a bulk SMS service.
Those are pretty crazy stats!

But in a world where we are constantly getting ads shoved in our faces, is text message marketing the way of the future? Or will this have an adverse effect and start ANNOYING people?

Even though 90% of people are opening a text in the first three minutes, how many of them are ignoring it?

Your message needs to be shorter in text. Sometimes you may not be able to get your entire message across and email is better.
A lot of scammers are using text messaging so people can be wary of clicking links in them.
As I was scrollling through LinkedIn recently, I noticed someone shared a video about SMS marketing and a lot of the comments were negative. Many people said they don’t sign up for marketing texts simply because they already receive so many emails and calls that they’re sick of them and don’t want them in their text messages.

So, I want to know what do YOU think? Have you tried SMS marketing? Is this something you’re interested in or what no part of?

That’s all for now!

Work hard, be kind, spread happy vibes! See you real soon with a new thought provoking newsletter!


Feb 02, 2020
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