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Small Business Covid 19 Tips

Small Business Covid 19 Tips

Hello friends,

I wanted to put together a short list of some things that I’ve seen during this pandemic.

Look into Resources

If you haven’t yet, please look into resources from the government to help you. Everywhere is different, so I can’t give you any specific advice here, but look into what your local government is doing and how you can take advantage of any programs offered to help you.

I made a little video about the rent subsidy program and how I really believe it needs to be updated to help business owners. Click here to watch it. Please share to help spread the word.

Innovation is key

Since restaurants are delivery or take out only, I came across a local Toronto restaurant and how they’ve changed how they sell their food to help with lack of sales. You can take a look at the video here if you’d like to see and hopefully this will inspire you to change how you do something and adapt it for today’s climate.

Offer Gift Cards

Since during this time it is hard to make sales since having to shut down any non-essential businesses, I’ve been seeing more small shops offer gift cards and many people asking their favourite businesses for gift cards to help them during this time. We may not be able to get an item or service right now, but we can buy a gift card to help them make money during this time.

Share your favourite businesses

A lot of influencers have been shouting out their favourite small businesses or asking their followers to share their favourites so they can share on their platform. If you have a big following, this is something you can do if you’re wondering how you can help others. Sharing a business’ instagram page to your following and spreading awareness about their business is such a great thing to be doing during this time.


Stay safe my friends,


Rachel David

Jun 11, 2020
Categories: Marketing Your Company
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