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Social Media-Finding The Balance

Social Media-Finding The Balance

As technology has become more developed and more advanced, social media has grown with it and has become a huge form of communication for all ages. It’s in our everyday lives; on our phones, computers, in the news and jobs.

But how do we find the balance of having it in our lives and taking time away from it to relax and reset? As it’s so integrated into our lives and how we communicate with our friends and family, it can be really difficult to step away from it.


Here are some tips that can help you find the balance between social media and some time away from it:


Plan Small Breaks

If you can, plan some time every now and then where you don’t open your social media apps. It doesn’t have to be that long, sometimes just 10 minutes here and there to start. If you can go for longer, go for it! If 10 minutes is too long, start smaller.


Focus On You

Do some things that you enjoy. Maybe it’s being social, without social media. Even if it’s something that you’ve been needing to get done, like laundry or grocery shopping, that’s great! Try to keep yourself busy for a few minutes at a time.


Catch Up With Others

Okay so here’s the trick: call someone from your phone so you won’t be looking at it! It’s easy to use AirPods or Galaxy Buds, but if you can’t look at your phone, you can’t check social media! Put your laptop in the other room, turn its wifi off, put it to sleep, put it under your bed or in a drawer. If you have a pc, put it to sleep.

Of course social media is an amazing tool. It’s revolutionized how we communicate, who we can communicate with and has changed the world. Sometimes, we just need a break and there’s nothing wrong with that. It can lift us up but it can also weigh us down sometimes too.

If you feel the social media burn out, have some well deserved “you” time and treat yourself to things you enjoy doing that you maybe haven’t been able to do for a while. It could be a hobby, catching up with others or spending more time with your pets.

Whichever you choose to do, a few minutes at a time can go a long way!

Sep 28, 2021
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