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The Future Of Working

The Future Of Working

The pandemic has really changed the whole working industry; going to the office for work isn’t what it was a year and a half ago.

Things have been changing constantly and no one knows what jobs will look like one or two years from now, but the absolute fact of the matter is that the future of working is going to be different.


Whether you still work in the office, at home, or a mix of both, changing our primary work space has changed our perspectives, lives and how we get things done. Each work space has it’s ups and downs, like everything else.


The Office

Working at the office gives opportunities to get out and be social. You can go to your favourite coffee place and get your morning coffee to start your day. Leaving the house for work also means commuting and being stuck in traffic. Being at the office is normal for a lot of people and it’s the way some have always worked, but will it still “work” in the future?


At Home

Working from home means no commute and no travelling worries. You can wake up, make a coffee, grab your laptop or sit at your desk and get to work. But when does the work end and where does your personal time start? With your home being your workplace, it’s hard to separate work time from personal time. For some tips on how to separate the two and make it a little easier, you can read more here.


Office And Home

Having a mix of working from the office and working from home is a nice blend of being social, getting out of the house, not commuting everyday and being in your own space. It’s easy to say it’s great, but it also invites all of the previously mentioned pros and cons and puts them into your work week.

What will become the norm for how jobs will be done is still up in the air. Some of us are getting comfortable working from home, some want to go back to the office and others are okay with doing both. Each one has benefits and downfalls, but employers need to pay close attention to their business and what their employees are most comfortable with.

The way we work will keep changing for a while, but one thing is for sure: the future of working is going to be different.

Oct 12, 2021
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