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The New Millennial Side Hustle

The New Millennial Side Hustle

Hello my friends,

Hope you are safe and well during this difficult time.

I’m still processing everything – however I felt it was important to send out an article with perhaps a job idea you could do while you’re at home.   I also have multiple stay at home job opportunities for people so read through to the end to get more info on those.

Now, I’ve previously talked about how video is so important, but I think it’s about time we talked about one area of video which is live streaming. The great thing is that now you don’t need anything super fancy for live streaming. Your phone most likely has a great camera you can set up on a stack of books and click live on your social platform of choice!

82% of consumers prefer to watch a live video on how to use a product rather than read a blog.

This is something you can take advantage of! By going live to show off a product or even a service, not only are you making live content, you can save the video and upload it elsewhere to recycle this content.

That being said, you don’t have to be a gamer to make money live streaming.  There’s a term called “IRL streamers” (that stands for in real life streamers) . You can do anything from live cooking classes, make-up tutorials, workout classes, sing or just chat with your audience! In fact, my company has our own team of streamers where we help them grow and make money.

67% of people who watched a live stream of an event purchased a ticket to a similar event the next time it occured.

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Now let’s talk about what advertisers love, engagement!  Live content on Facebook receives 10x more comments than regular video! Not only that, you’re getting real-time audience feedback.  73% of marketers say that a benefit of live video is that it creates a more authentic interaction with an audience.

Which brings me to this,  to those of you who have an outgoing fun personality who are quarantined and are looking for something to do to pass time, learn something new and make some extra money.  My company is opening our doors to new applicants for our streamer team.

If you are a performer, singer, dancer, actor, musician or you know someone who is anywhere in North America and have had your job impacted by covid 19 please email me / share my email and I will give you more information.

Click here for more about the job posting:

Stay safe my friends, we’re all in this together.



Mar 28, 2020
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