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Twitter Fleets Vs. Instagram Stories

Twitter Fleets Vs. Instagram Stories

If you use Twitter, you’ve probably noticed one of the features on the social media platform, Fleets. Like Instagram Stories, Fleets do the same thing on Twitter. However, according to a Twitter blog post by Ilya Brown, Fleets will be gone from Twitter on August 3, 2021.


Before Fleets are gone, here’s a look at the pros and cons of Fleets versus the similar Instagram Stories:



The basic features that Fleets have are what would be expected:

-Text options like text alignment and font change

-Simple background colour changes


-No visible timer on videos

-No filters

-Ability to share Tweets as Fleets, but the option to do this takes a bit of exploring to find*



-More text options like animated text




-Easy option to share a post as a story

-Stories are short


Okay so Fleets are basic, why would you use them? Again, they act the same as an Instagram Story. They help get your newest tweets, pictures or videos seen since Fleets are shown at the top of the Twitter app/ page. If you want an extra boost in analytics, a Fleet may be worth the few extra seconds it takes to create one while they’re still around.

*If you want to share a tweet as a Fleet, go to the tweet, click the share icon and choose “Share in a Fleet”.

By nature of time, and trial and error, Instagram Stories are the more developed social media tool. They feel more user friendly and for the amount of features they have, they’re easy to use.

Fleets may have basic functions, but they’re enough to help your tweets, pictures and videos get noticed (for now).

The conclusion is that when it comes to Twitter Fleets vs. Instagram Stories, both are currently viable options for sharing posts, pictures and videos for the corresponding social media platform.

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Jul 27, 2021
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