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Use THIS Trick to Get E-mail Responses!

Use THIS Trick to Get E-mail Responses!

Have you been finding yourself sending e-mail after e-mail the past few months? Staying in contact with team members and clients is important in order to ensure efficient communication and workflow. A part of my job involves sending out cold emails to potential clients. This typically leaves it quite open ended for the recipient, but it never guarantees a reply.   

So I started wondering if there were any ways to increase my chances of people replying to the e-mails I was sending out. With a little internet digging, I found that there were actually quite a few; which I will be covering in the future, so let’s break it down into parts and discuss one today!


When it comes to your sign-off there are so many options to use and I actually found that some are better to use for e-mail than others. Studies have shown that when people signed off with an expression of gratitude, there was a 36% increase in responses! Something to definitely think about next time you’re drafting your next email.

Here is a breakdown of sign-offs and their response rates:


Did any of these surprise you? Are there any that you sign off that you like? If your inbox is a little lacking after you’ve sent out a few emails, try adding a “thanks!” or a “thanks in advance” at the very end to increase your chances of getting a response!

Check out this weeks video to learn more!

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Oct 22, 2020
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