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Your Brand & Social Media Consistency

Your Brand & Social Media Consistency

Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter. There are numerous social media platforms that we use pretty often for both personal and professional purposes and, while managing all these accounts, there can be challenges with maintaining consistency across all platforms. 

No need to stress though! Here are three ways you can ensure your brand’s consistency on all of your social channels. 


  1. Let Your Personality Shine

The most essential step to creating consistent content that helps you keep your current followers, and help bring in new ones, is showing them who you are by having a strong brand voice. Your brand voice consists of small details that build up your brand’s overall image. From your grammar to the choice of whether or not you use emojis, you determine all aspects of what makes your brand uniquely you. A great way to solidify your brand voice is through a brand kit: a brand kit will outline all areas of your brand voice like the language you use as well as what’s mentioned in the next point. Keep in mind that the brand voice you create shows others how you interact with followers and the tone used when engaging with your audience. It gives you and your brand emotion.

   2. Aesthetics

On your social media platforms, the first impression your audience has of your brand is the aesthetic. For content creation, this refers to your choice of filters, edits, colours, and fonts for anything you post. A strong aesthetic will help make a unique and strong connection with your audience without directly interacting with them; it’s saying hello to your audience for you. Think of your aesthetic as the energy that you radiate in real life but virtually. To help build your aesthetic, creating a mood board on Pinterest that’s filled with inspirational photos and colours is a great way to help you get a feel for what suits you the best. Your aesthetic is really important, but tastes and brands change and it’s within your control to change it. It’s very natural to change your aesthetic overtime because it reflects your personal growth. If you do change your brand’s look, make sure the transition is slow so that your followers can adjust! 


 3. Keep Them Interested

There is absolute truth in the saying “The more effort you put in, the greater the results you’ll see”. Engaging your audience means maintaining consistent interaction with them to develop strong connections and trust over time. You can do that by posting daily, posting stories that help keep your brand on your audience’s mind and by replying to comments a few times throughout the day. All of that aside, be sure to pace yourself when doing these so that you don’t get the infamous social media burnout. It can be helpful to implement the use of a tracker that keeps track of your daily progress and your screen time, which most apps (like Instagram) and phones have. Though engaging can feel like a task, try to allocate some time here and there for it and think of it as thanking those who support you! You don’t need to be on social media every minute of everyday, just enough to keep your followers following.


So here’s the breakdown: By determining your brand voice, creating a unique aesthetic and maintaining consistent engagement, your brand is going to grow over time. There will be challenges along the way and sometimes your growth will be stagnant here and there, but maintain your voice, aesthetic and engagement. You’re laying down the foundation for potential sponsorships, collabs and connections. Remember, this branding process will help you determine how you want to share yourself with the world!

May 31, 2021
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