Pinterest May Be Becoming Brand Friendly

Pinterest May Be Becoming Brand Friendly

Pinterest was the hip new thing about five years ago, people used it to create vision boards and as a way to easily categorize and view things that inspire you, whether that be trendy outfits, quotes, architecture or home décor, Pinterest had it all. However, in recent years the website failed to keep up with giants like Instagram and Facebook, and now it’s userbase mainly uses it for quilting patterns and the occasional recipe. Pinterest is now trying to bring back their hype by introducing a number of new features that makes them much friendlier to brands.

Banner Image

Just like a profile picture, your banner image allows you to stay on brand. It’s a wonder why Pinterest is only introducing this important feature now, but better late than never I suppose. This prime real-estate image is perfect for a call to action. Many users include their social media handles in their banner image as well as a request for users to check out their main social media account. Whether it be “new YouTube videos every Tuesday and Thursday” or “check out my life on Instagram” this new feature makes transferring traffic from one medium to another much easier.

Pinning Featured Posts

Just like Instagram allows you to pin your top stories to the top of your profile, Pinterest is allowing you to do the same with your favourite posts. This is a great feature for controlling your first impression. No longer will it just be a collection of boards with random titles. You will be able to select posts you think best showcase your brand and put them front and center for first-time viewers to watch. Now, you can stress less about curating your appearance and just enjoy curating your boards.

Present Your Content the Way You Want To

Speaking of curating your boards, you actually can now. This is something that users have been campaigning for, for years. Well, it seems like Pinterest actually listened because they are introducing the ability to rearrange how you present your boards and the pins in them. So, it’s time for you to actually go through all of those boards you have haphazardly been adding pins to for years and make them look pretty.

What I think is the most noteworthy change in this entire revamp is the switch from the follower and following counts to monthly views. No more stressing about your ratio, this switch puts more of a focus on the monthly popular pages. I believe this is to help weed out all of those inactive users that Pinterest has built up over the years. If someone had ten monthly views there’s a good chance that they haven’t posted at all that month. The focus of Pinterest now switches from only pages with large followings to including those that are active on the site as well.

Those are the biggest changes that Pinterest is implementing over the next couple of weeks. I think that this is a huge step for what has been a shrinking company. What do you guys think about this switch and is it enough to bring you back to the site? Let us know in the comments below or on social media!

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