Influencer Marketing

We take you from point A to Z -From strategy to legal, to coordination, creative, distribution and post campaign analytics. Brands come to us because we have DIRECT relationships with 1000+ influencers therefore we are able to come up with more multidimensional creative concepts and leverage our relationships.

Here at Hashtag Communications we believe influencers are the best choice for authentically selling your product. Influencers have built one of the most important things with their audience – trust. Top of mind for Hashtag is we never want to jeopardize that trust that the influencer spent in some cases years to build.

What Hashtag Provides

  • Comprehensive Wrap Up Report

  • Influencer strategy in compliance with FTC and content licensing parameters

  • Distribution Strategy

  • Proprietary software to analyze the back end data of influencers

  • Measurement Tools

  • Influencer Suggestions / Customized Deck

  • Legal

  • Debriefing Influencers

  • Logistics and Coordination Between Parties

  • Negotiating Rates

  • Creative Consulting


Hashtag Communications walks a brand through an influencer campaign from point A - Z.

workflow_timeline_line 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • 1

    Conversation between Hashtag Communications and brand to conceptualize a rough plan

  • 2

    Legal between brand and Hashtag signed

  • 3

    Hashtag does a deep dive into the company, runs software an influencers back end data, forms idea and strategy.

  • 4

    influencers presented and picked

  • 5

    Hastag negotiates and signs influencers

  • 6

    Legal Documents are created by Hashtag for each individual influencer

  • 7

    Influencer starts production

  • 8

    Hashtag works on production and creative with each influencer

  • 9

    influencer posts

  • 10

    Hashtag provides data

Examples of Influencers

Adventure Youtuber
Adventure Youtuber

Let them display your products on one of their big adventures

Stylish Mom
Stylish Mom

Mommy products? Mommy's sell best to mommy's

Comedy Influencer
Comedy Influencer

Is the tone of your brand lite and fun? Get a comedy influencer to share it

Adventure Youtuber
Adventure Youtuber

Does your target love staying active? Display your product in real situations


Vegans love vegans, join the club

Comedy Influencer
Comedy Influencer

Convey your brand message with a good laugh


Leveraged Relationships what keeps clients coming back over and over.

One Off Campaigns

Go big or go home. One time and one time only!

On retainer

Continuously get influencers talking about you and your product on a monthly basis.

Case Study

Fill this out so we can learn more about you and your needs.