Social Media

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”

If you are going to do an influencer marketing campaign, you have to take a hard look at what you’re leading the attention to. You can have a great product, but if it is not presented well you lose potential buyers.


Pick What You Want

With an array of Social Media packages and services, we specialize in creating strategic packages that will help elevate your brand and clearly communicate what you’re trying to sell.

  • Brand Consultation
    Brand Consultation

    Building your brand, colors, tone, type of content you should be posting, content strategy (ie. what type of content should you create)

  • Content Creation
    Content Creation

    Hashtag has a full time staff to create elevated pieces of content. We focus on creating content people want to view twice. This includes moving pictures, viral videos and animation.

  • Growth Hacking
    Growth Hacking

    Do you need help building your numbers online? We use a number of different growth hacking tools to help build your audience as big as possible.

  • Social Media Set Setup
    Social Media Set Setup

    From advising you on what equipment to buy, helping you set up your studio, helping you come up with a show format to devising a distribution strategy.

  • Posting Scheduling
    Posting Scheduling

    Don’t have time to post? Don’t Worry, our staff if here to not only schedule and post your content but maximize timing to make sure you are posting at peak hours

  • Youtube Editing Distribution
    Youtube Editing Distribution

    Want to make a Youtube show but don’t know what or how to do it? Hashtag Communications will take you from point A to Z. Hashtag Communications provides full editing support as well as writing your video descriptions, tagging and creating your video thumbnails so all you need to do is film!